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Investors, agripreneurs, growers, retailers, students and supply chain processors

Connected and growing the industry through shared collaboration and knowledge transfer.
  • “While hydroponics can certainly be advertised as more modern, attractive, high-tech, hygienic, and sustainable than field agriculture, the industry has not yet made great strides in cultivating the next generation of skilled farmers. Recruitment and expanded educational opportunities should be high on the agenda for universities, governments, and industry associations.”
    Emerging Hydroponics Industry
    (2014, p.3)
  • "Great industries are usually built by not just one or two or three companies, but usually by dozens of companies. There can be many winners."
    Jeff Bezos
    Amazon, Blue Origin

The U.S. is now on the cusp of broad-scale commercialization of CEA growing with expansion of greenhouse acreage already well underway, and expected to grow to a $1.75 trillion-dollar industry in North America.

The Problem

There remains three large hurdles for the CEA industry to rapidly expand in the U.S

A disconnected agriculture industry affecting growth, increasing bankruptcies/failures and reducing investor confidence
The lack of commercial scale R&D facilities for bringing new technologies to market, with demonstration ability for industry
The lack of trained workers, supervisors, managers, and head growers to expand the commercial scale industry

The Solution

The AgTech Innovation Center

Presently there are no current university or private sector research facilities in North America with a commercial scale research CEA greenhouse dedicated to industry needs to test new technologies.

The AgTech Innovation Center (AIC) will focus on providing the CEA Greenhouse Industry with an integrated, production/sales facility, and digital training platform to inextricably link all aspects of the agtech industry on a real-time global scale.

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